Our Story


…A Maldivian Story

Toddy Inc. is a free-spirited 100% locally owned and operated apparel related company that seeks to tell the untold story of the Maldives through its unique t-shirts and souvenirs. Though our current product range includes only t-shirts and minor souvenirs, we plan to introduce other apparel related items such as shirts, sarongs, trousers, board shorts and more to our product range in the future.

Toddy (Ruku Raa) refers to the palm sap collected from the cut flower of the coconut tree, which is a timeless beverage of the people of Maldives.

Our products

All our clothes are made with 100% organic and 100% fair trade cotton. All our dyes & inks are water-based & eco-friendly, with no plastisols. All our cotton farmers are paid a premium for community development. All our factories are free of child labour & discrimination. All our packaging is made from either organic cotton or recycled cardboard. We do this because Toddy cares.


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100% Organic

This essentially means that the cotton, colour mediums and other printing materials that we use are free from harmful synthetic chemicals which are detrimental to our eco-systems. It is no secret that in an already densely polluted world, toxic chemicals used in various manufacturing processes seep into the ocean and our food supply. It is our collective duty to help alleviate these problems and we believe that even simple thing as going 100% organic can help make a difference.

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade refers to a concept in which people engaged throughout the entire production chain, from the farmers who pick cotton to factory workers processing the crop to even the captains manning the container ships are paid a fair wage and not succumbed to rampant exploitation. It also means that the production lines are devoid of even a hint of child labor or slave workers.